Creating value thread by thread

Creavalo is an innovation project arising from the need to create value through sustainability. We create products, pushing for circularity in the textile industry.​

From Our imagination to reality

Origin of the idea

CREAVALO was born in the Comunitat Valenciana (Spain) with the firm intention of addressing the imminent threat of textile waste. 

Since our beginning, we have been committed to creating elegant and functional design pieces without being harmful to the ecosystem, advocating and involving all our environment in the necessary fight against textile waste.

Born in 2023, the CREAVALO team consists of: The production, under the charge of Víctor Zornoza, innovation, led by Alfonso Morant, creative direction, directed by Odosdesign studio; experience and marketing, at the hands of Juan Gisbert and coordination and leadership, promoted by Joan Gisbert. Together we create value, together we are CREAVALO.

Our Values

Together, we will build
a better world


At CREAVALO, we view textile waste not as a mere reject but as valuable resources waiting to be reborn into something beautiful and purposeful. Every discarded thread and fabric scrap holds infinite potential to become something unique and meaningful.

We are inspired by the idea that beauty can emerge from what others consider trash. To us, waste is a hidden treasure that deserves a second chance. Rather than simply recycling, we ensure that our products are 100% recyclable, fostering a circular economy and ensuring a sustainable future.

We believe in the elegance of sustainability. Every piece we create is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to a more conscious and responsible future.

Join us on our journey to transform waste into value and discover how innovation and creativity can make a difference in the world.


CREAVALO's mission is to create quality and uniquely stylish furniture and decor products, while fostering a green and responsible culture through the utilization of recycled materials, waste reduction, and local production.


CREAVALO's vision is to stand at the forefront of the sustainable furniture industry, renowned for our avant-garde designs and pioneering use of recycled materials. We aspire to inspire others globally, urging them to embrace sustainable practices and fueling positive change. Our influence will extend far beyond the Valencian Community, leaving an indelible mark on every corner where creative solutions are needed to combat waste and forge a brighter future.

Our process

How It Works

01 Shred

We classify and grind all the discarded textile.

02 Mold

We design and create our molds especially for each piece.

03 Press

We press the textile into our molds to create our pieces.

04 Reuse

All pieces are 100% reusable, recyclable and revertible, that means that we can create other pieces from the original one.