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A new Sunrise

Every creation has a cause and effect. In the textile industry, the outcome is usually the most desired  and the inherent cost of that production. What’s not really spoken about and requires more attention is what goes beyond the outcome and that’s the result of the outcome. In a world where purchased goods especially in the textile industry are easily discarded the demand for sustainable supply chains continue to rise. Creavalo regenerates that result, fostering a sustainable supply chain by using textile waste to create products that provide value following an ¨old new life¨ philosophy. 

Creavalo creates by sustaining. 

latest products


Constructed from recycled denim material, providing excellent support and durability.

Capsule 01


A table that can fit seamlessly into any living space.

Capsule 01


A proof that textile waste is indeed not waste at all but raw material waiting for repurposing to any shape. 

Capsule 01


A great stylish addition to any area, from office to home.

Capsule 01

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