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Our story begins in the Netherlands, where our CEO and CO-FOUNDER Joan has the opportunity to complete a Minor degree focused on sustainable economy. In this enriching experience, Joan experiences a change of perspective towards the business world: “The future of entrepreneurship and business lies in sustainability”.

Inspired by the experience and the knowledge gained, he decides to apply what he has learned when he returns to the Valencian Community. After analyzing several industries, he decided to focus on one of the most traditional in the community: the textile industry.

With the help of his father and two businessmen who are experts in textile waste management, he began to investigate the textile world and the waste it generates, thus discovering the serious threat it poses to the planet.

The idea of creating furniture from textile waste arose from the motivation to find an innovative and sustainable solution. This idea became the cornerstone of CREAVALO.


At CREAVALO, we view textile waste not as a mere reject but as valuable resources waiting to be reborn into something beautiful and purposeful. Every discarded thread and fabric scrap holds infinite potential to become something unique and meaningful.

We are inspired by the idea that beauty can emerge from what others consider trash. To us, waste is a hidden treasure that deserves a second chance. Rather than simply recycling, we ensure that our products are 100% recyclable, fostering a circular economy and ensuring a sustainable future. 

We believe in the elegance of sustainability. Every piece we create is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to a more conscious and responsible future. 

Join us on our journey to transform waste into value and discover how innovation and creativity can make a difference in the world.


CREAVALO’s mission is to create quality and uniquely stylish furniture and decor products, while fostering a green and responsible culture through the utilization of recycled materials, waste reduction, and local production.


CREAVALO’s vision is to stand at the forefront of the sustainable furniture industry, renowned for our avant-garde designs and pioneering use of recycled materials. We aspire to inspire others globally, urging them to embrace sustainable practices and fueling positive change. Our influence will extend far beyond the Valencian Community, leaving an indelible mark on every corner where creative solutions are needed to combat waste and forge a brighter future.